Seeing the Real You

Seeing the Real You

SkyTalks at Berkeley SkyDeck create a community for all who advance the world. You can meet people you want to know. Your pitch gains power; your firm can broaden even more.

Sure, game-changing ideas are awesome. But not everyone creates the frontier like Tony Conrad. Co-founder of and Partner at True Ventures, Conrad brings us powerhouses like Blue Bottle Coffee, WordPress, Fitbit, and Trick Dog. Someone who’s been a baseball umpire, janitor, basketball camp counselor — as Conrad has — approaches Founders with a broad empathy. As Wharton psychologist Adam Grant says in Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, it’s people with experiences from outside an industry who establish new frontiers. Conrad is also a guy who bought his company back from AOL and then grew it exponentially. If he promotes your page today, 10,000 people see your profile by tomorrow.

There’s more. Conrad goes deep with a Founder’s motivation. He’ll spend a couple of hours with you because he cares who you are. After all, he’s a Founder, too.

And his style pays off. A quarter of the web uses WordPress these days — hello! Then look at how Trick Dog has transformed the nationwide cocktail experience. Now imagine the day your idea gains international reach. I mean, wow.

What Conrad and SkyDeck share is the value we place on what’s deeply authentic. Fitbit, Blue Bottle, and WordPress all connect people to a realness they want. Just as lets you be yourself, SkyDeck seeks Founders who are themselves. The real deal.

Conrad can prepare you for the ‘Why?’s you hear. Especially when people ask if you’re starting a movement.

If you’re already an investor, maybe you want to hear how Conrad does things a little differently.

At SkyDeck next week. Thursday, October 12. 12 noon. Contact us for more info.


by Stephanie Kwok, Freelance Writer