Pejman Mar Ventures Launches Inaugural Berkeley Startup Challenge

Pejman Mar Ventures Launches Inaugural Berkeley Startup Challenge

In an effort to contribute to the startup ecosystem in Berkeley, Pejman Mar Ventures has launched their inaugural Berkeley Startup Challenge. The growing entrepreneurial spirit in Berkeley has captured the attention of the Palo Alto based Pejman Mar Ventures.

Pejman Mar Ventures (PMV) is an early stage seed fund that has worked with companies that have grown to be over $25B, including Dropbox, Lending Club, Doordash, Danger, ZenPayroll, Guardant Health, and Soundhound. PMV targets early stage companies comprised of recent graduates and current students from top tier universities. They pride themselves in their efforts that go beyond financing tech startups, in order to work hands-on in aiding startup development.

The PMV startup competition aims to attract passionate young entrepreneurs. The program offers mentorship, the ability to participate in exclusive events and workshops and the option to stay up to 9 months at their office to enhance their experience as members of the PMV community. The winning startup will receive a $250,000 investment and join the PMV company portfolio. The $250,000 investment will be granted for 10% equity in the company. In addition, 10% of the PMV ownership in the company will be donated to UC Berkeley.

The applications for this year’s challenge are due October 1st and decisions will be announced by October 30th.

For more information about the competition, visit the Pejman Mar Ventures Startup Competition website. Use this link to apply.


Mar Hershenson (left) and Pejman Nozad (right)