Localwise Plans Local Startup Job Fair to Promote Diversity

Localwise Plans Local Startup Job Fair to Promote Diversity

Localwise is partnering with The City of Berkeley’s Office of Economic Development to host a local job fair on January 28th in NextSpace in Berkeley. The job fair will highlight an increase in startup diversity and will include community stakeholders such as the Kapor Center for Social Impact, Women Who Code, #YesWeCode, Hack the Hood and Telegraph Academy. The wide range of Berkeley groups illustrates that talent comes from all parts of a community.

In the past five years, Berkeley has witnessed impressive momentum in the startup sector. The number of startups has grown from around 100 startups in 2011 to a total of over 300 startups today. Accompanying the growth in startups, since 2014, there has been a 23% increase in jobs available in Berkeley startups. Localwise has become a driving force for connecting startups and jobseekers for technical to nontechnical positions. Localwise has worked to fill 100 job positions for Berkeley startups in the past six months alone, over 50 of which were for positions offered by the 15 startups from SkyDeck.

The efforts Localwise has contributed to inclusivity in the startup culture are in large part due to an overarching mission to promote collaboration and foster a sustainable community in Berkeley. Empirical data taken from The Verge shows that at the largest tech companies, only 29% of the employees are women and only 15% are black or hispanic. The International Business Times reports that in the startup scene in particular, only 8.3% of venture funding goes to women-led tech startups and 1% for African-American led startups.

Localwise is actively working to provide solutions to address the lack of diversity in the startup culture. To participate in the job fair register now. For more information about Localwise visit their website.

(Photo retrieved from Telegraph Academy)