Health Tech Roundtable Hosted by Analog Devices

Health Tech Roundtable Hosted by Analog Devices

Last week, SkyDeck hosted a Health Tech Roundtable for Industry Partner Analog Devices. As keynote speaker, Jim Doscher of Analog Devices kicked off the event with his thoughts on healthcare innovation. We then had two expert panel roundtable discussions plus flash presentations by eleven of our health industry startups.


The first roundtable included Janet Liang of Kaiser Permanente, Missy Krasner of Box, Pamela Hudson of UCSF, and Anthony Milinowicz of Johnson & Johnson Innovation. These industry representatives discussed in depth the role healthcare startups play in their businesses. They detailed expected timelines and suggested vantage points for entry. A key takeaway was for startups to find the precise department or person who can champion their solution, and get clarity on the exact expectations for when and if their solution would be adopted.

Health Tech Innovation at the Source

For the next roundtable, SkyDeck hosted UC Berkeley professors including EECS Professor Ali Javey, EECS Professor Bernhard Boser, EECS Professor Ruzena Bajcsy, and CITRIS Health Initiative Director David Lindeman. These academics discussed health innovation from the source. There is a very long path between health tech R&D and the health products introduced to market. Our panelists shed light on the essential partnerships that need to emerge in order to commercialize this technology. But no goal is too small. Professor Boser kicked off his remarks right off the bat with how his research will be used in the fight to cure cancer.

What Keeps Us Up at Night

Eleven SkyTeams in the health tech industry participated in flash presentations to introduce the latest innovations in progress. To finish the event, the entire group of industry partners, academics, investors, and entrepreneurs discussed “what keeps us up at night” related to health tech. The list included:

  • Time to market is too long. How to speed up getting innovations to market.
  • What will Congress do? Regulatory environment is uncertain.
  • Disease conquering- how can we do this together?
  • Data systems – how to integrate the vast and differing sources of data given privacy issues and legacy systems.
  • Let’s keep talking- different stakeholders need to hear from each other to make this all work.

SkyDeck’s Roundtables are intended to bring together a selected group of all key members of an industry including researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors. We then brainstorm and make new connections to drive solutions. Stay tuned for the next event. We are thinking AI.