Countdown to Application Deadline: Resources for Launch

Countdown to Application Deadline: Resources for Launch

When teams enter the SkyDeck community, they have well developed ideas and an established team, but they are often far from launching their companies or products.

SkyDeck is not a cookie cutter accelerator and adapts to the needs of the current cohorts. The BAM curriculum and workshops are designed by serial entrepreneurs, VCs, and thought leaders informed by the discipline of entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley to foster startup development.

Access to the entire Advisory Board as well as to the opportunity to sign up for office hours with representatives from industry, venture capital and the legal community help to ensure personalized growth focus and set the trajectory for success.

A recent SkyAlum success story: this week Bio-Techne Corporation acquired SkyAlum Zephyrus Biosciences, Inc. Zephyrus Biosciences takes UC Berkeley research tools to study protein at the single cell level and the excitement surrounding their recent news makes the SkyDeck community proud.

Hear from our current SkyTeam founders about their experiences at SkyDeck. Spread the message about our application to anyone who would be interested! Deadline for submission is April 2nd. Apply now.