Countdown to Application Deadline: High Impact Events

Countdown to Application Deadline: High Impact Events

SkyDeck hosts high impact workshops, roundtables and panel discussions in its event space for SkyTeams. Our events reflect the interests of our SkyTeams and supplement our experience-based curriculum.

During this current cohort, we hosted a roundtable with Undersecretary Dr. Franklin Orr of the Department of Energy, a Design Thinking Workshop and BAM Development workshops including: Go-To-Market Workshop and Team Development Worksop.

Our upcoming Founding Females Discussion will include notable female founders and VCs who will share their experiences and offer advice to attendees.

The variety of SkyDeck hosted events provides for valuable networking and opportunities for SkyTeams to gain insight and learn from thought leaders in various industries.

Hear from our current SkyTeam founders about their experiences. Spread the message to anyone who would be interested! Deadline for submission is April 2nd. Apply now.