Another Stellar Demo Day at SkyDeck

Another Stellar Demo Day at SkyDeck

SkyDeck’s Fall 2015 Demo Day was a major success and stand-room-only, with 100 investors in attendance, plus 50 additional guests including Industry partners and members of our campus community, notably the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Vice Chancellor for Administration.

Demo Day is the opportunity for SkyTeams to showcase the progress they have made over the course of their participation in the Berkeley Acceleration Method at SkyDeck.

One VC remarked “this is the best Demo Day I have seen since founding my own company.”

Sample tweets from VC’s include: “Delightful Demo Day at SkyDeck, [so] many companies solving real & hard problems.” Also: “Went to the @SkyDeck_Cal Demo Day yesterday. I’m really impressed with the companies they’ve pulled in. Not just another incubator clone.”



The 19 SkyTeams that presented were:

AxleHire                    Civil Maps                     Clarity Movement Co.                      Dray

Etch                            Eucl3D                          FarmX                                               First Derm

Lendsnap                   Lioness                         LucidVR                                            Mentive                     Nodexus                        Picosense                                         Picoyune

Privail                         Symbio Robotics          Tinkering Labs

These teams paved an impressive path for the new cohort of teams joining the entrepreneurial ecosystem December 2, 2015.



SkyDeck Management would like to thank:

– The 19 SkyTeams who presented and knocked it out of the park.

– The many SkyTeam members who volunteered and helped to run the event like a smooth, well-oiled machine – despite the fact that office renovations were in progress up until the day before the event.

– Marc Tarpenning for his heartfelt introduction.

– Our SkyAdvisors who attended this event and the numerous pitch practice sessions.

– Bee Partners for their sponsorship and expert help with coaching the teams.

– David and Leigh Teece who donated the wine from Mt. Beautiful.

– Everyone who attended the event and helped to make it a big success.