Announcing the SkyDeck/Sutardja Center Global Founders Program

Announcing the SkyDeck/Sutardja Center Global Founders Program

Silicon Valley is the heart of global innovation – we have accumulated the greatest pools of private capital, technical expertise, and entrepreneurial energy found anywhere in the world. Even as fledgling startup ecosystems grow around the world, Silicon Valley remains the undisputed center of gravity for high-tech entrepreneurial activity. Many of the companies changing the world are grown right here, in Silicon Valley.

Innovation is advanced through the interaction of the brightest minds from around the world. Entrepreneurship is still very much relationship-driven, and at times Silicon Valley can find itself isolated from global activity. Potential investors, customers, and partners want to connect with the most advanced trends and technologies driven by talented entrepreneurs from all over the world.

This is why UC Berkeley SkyDeck and the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology have launched the Global Founder Program (GFP) to enable research in entrepreneurship. The GFP is a two-year academic research program for talented founders from around the world to study and practice entrepreneurship in an academic program that gives them the opportunity to directly interact with the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Global Founders bring with them insights into startup trends and technologies from around the world, and helps UC Berkeley, as well as Silicon Valley, develop new ways of thinking about and working with startup companies.

SCET will assist accepted Global Founders into its resident academic program with a term of up to two years. Founders will participate in conducting research and learning from top academics in the field of entrepreneurship through Berkeley’s Sutardja Center. Their companies are eligible to participate in Berkeley SkyDeck, the world’s premier academic accelerator.


by Caroline Winnett, Executive Director, SkyDeck