UC Berkeley is one of the world’s premier research institutions. Many of the faculty and researchers at Berkeley excel from not only a technical point of view, but have substantial experience and insight into the startup ecosystem, either as founders or advisors to a number of startup teams. The “Faculty-in-Residence” here are some of our best partners from this community, and a perfect example of the unique strengths of both Berkeley SkyDeck and the UC Berkeley startup ecosystem.


These Faculty-Residence are available to support the SkyDeck team as we accelerate our cohort companies in their growth.

Anca Dragan

Director, InterACT robotics lab

Assistant Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley

Amy Herr

Co-founder, Zephyrus Biosciences

Lester John & Lynne Dewar Lloyd Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley

Reg Kelly

Director, QB3 Institute

Kurt Keutzer

Co-Founder DeepScale

Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley

Michel Maharbiz

Co-Founder, Cortera Neurotechnologies
Co-Founder, TweedleTech

Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley

Rikky Muller

Co-founder, Cortera Neurotechnologies

Assistant Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley

Kris Pister

Founder & Chief Technologist, Dust Networks

Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley

David Schaffer

Co-Founder, IGNITE Immunotherapy, Inc.
Co-Founder, 4D Molecular Therapeutics
Director, Berkeley Stem Cell Center

Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Bioengineering, UC Berkeley

Dawn Song

Founder, Ensighta Security

Professor, EECS, UC Berkeley

Allen Yang

Executive Director, Center for Augmented Cognition, UC Berkeley